The Top Ten Email Verification Companies Compared and Contrasted

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Bulk email verification is confusing for consumers who are new to the market. For example, there are many different prices in the marketplace. Is paying extra worth it? Does it get you better service?

What Is Email Verification?

Email verification software tests the validity of email addresses. Invalid emails are a monumental problem for businesses. If you send to invalid email addresses, your email reputation score goes down. If your email reputation score goes down, your emails will reach fewer inboxes. These days, you don’t have to download any software to verify your emails. Right now, virtually all bulk email verification is done with hosted software.

Why Is Email Verification So Important?

Bulk email verification is designed for businesses that want to clean their email list. Individual email verification is catered toward individuals that want to validate a handful of emails. For starters, bulk email verification is fast. You can verify thousands of emails in minutes. Conversely, individual email verifiers compel you to insert one email at a time, and often they even have CAPTCHA codes. Verifying emails costs money, and individual verifiers rarely charge consumers. To protect their bank balance, small verifiers put rigorous limits on their use. Time is money. That’s why business owners (and people with large lists) prefer the speed and accuracy of bulk email verification.

Practical Benefits of Bulk Email Verification

Email verification ensures that you only send email messages to real people. Here are seven practical perks of email validation software.

1) Email Verification Software Protects Your Sender Reputation Score

Believe it or not, spam filters and ISPs keep close track of a metric called email sender reputation. They use complex algorithms to determine whether or not you’re a spammer. Sending messages to invalid email addresses badly lowers your personal reputation score amongst these algorithms. Once your email sender reputation is damaged, it’s hard to recover. There isn’t a sure-fire way to repair a bad email sender reputation quickly. Email verification software keeps Pandora’s Box closed. In other words, it keeps your score high and prevents problems. That helps you reach more people on your email list.

2) Email Verification Software Increases Your Revenue

According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing has a ROI (return on investment) of 4300%. It’s the most profitable tool in your toolbox when used correctly. Of course, you won’t get the most out of email marketing if you have low email deliverability. And you will have low email deliverability if you send to invalid email addresses. Email verification keeps your list clean, which helps you deliver more emails, which makes you more money.

3) Email Verification Software Decreases Your Costs

Email marketers work with ESPs like MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse, and others. These are major players in the ESP world. For instance, MailChimp has over 15 million users, and these users send over 1 billion emails every day. How does MailChimp (and many of its rivals) charge? Let’s take a look at MailChimp’s pricing index.

  • Up to 500 subs- $10
  • Up to 1,000 subs- $15
  • Up to 2,500 subs- $30
  • Up to 5,000 subs- $50
  • Up to 10,000 subs- $75

As you can see, ESP’s like MailChimp charge per subscribers, not per emails sent. ESP’s often give you unlimited sends to a select number of subscribers. Only paying for valid email addresses keeps you in a lower bracket. Therefore, email verification keeps money in your pockets and out of the ESP’s pockets. As you know, “a penny saved is a penny earned.” However, in this case, the savings can add up to hundreds of dollars a year.

4) Email Verification Software Makes Your Email Marketing Metrics More Accurate

According to Hubspot, there are 6 email marketing metrics that every business needs to track. These metrics are clickthrough rate, conversion rate, bounce rate, list growth rate, email sharing rate, and the overall ROI of the campaign. How to calculate these metrics is beyond the scope of this article. Yet, all these metrics have one vital point in common. They are all distorted by the invalid emails on your list. If your stats are dragged down by bad emails, it will make apples-to-apples comparisons with other companies in your industry difficult. Email verification software sheds bad emails, giving you more useful data.

5) Email Verification Software Lowers Your Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is one of the most common elements that ISP’s and ESP’s look at. According to Campaign Monitor, a bounce rate above 2% is worth your attention. Spammers have notoriously high bounce rates. Indeed, elevated bounce rates and spammers go together like peanut butter and jelly. Therefore, if you have a high bounce rate you’ll look like (and be treated like) a spammer. Email verification software deletes hard and soft bounces from your email list.

6) Email Verification Software Removes Spam Traps From Your List

Spam traps are email addresses used by the ISP’s and anti-spam lists to identify spammers. Spam traps won’t be on your list if you follow best email practices to the letter. However, many businesses fall short of strictly adhering to best email practices, and spam traps end up on their list. Notably, if you send to a spam trap, you probably won’t know you did it. That’s because spam traps don’t bounce like many other types of invalid emails. Elite email verification software uses advanced technology to remove spam traps from your list.

7) Email Verification Software Eliminates Complainers From Your List

Some email users are chronic complainers. They use the “spam button” instead of the unsubscribe button. They often complain directly to ISP’s like Yahoo and Google. You don’t want chronic complainers on your list. According to Campaign Monitor, the industry standard is 1 complaint for every 5,000 recipients. Any higher than that, and you’ll attract unwanted attention. As you can see, even a microscopic handful of complainers on your list is undesirable. Top-notch email verification uses special technology to eliminate complainers from your list and keeps you under the strict threshold that ISP’s desire.

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Top 5 Bulk Email Verification Services

There are a large number of bulk email verification companies out there. We rigorously studied the industry and picked the five best ones (based on the features marketers care about). Here's a comparison of the top bulk email providers, which will help you identify the email verifier that best fits your requirements.


Price per 5,000 email verifications$15$25$40$40$50
Price per 15,000 email verifications$39$75$110$110$150
Price per 50,000 email verifications$89$500$500$500$250
Price per 100,000 email verifications$169$250$400$400$1000
Price per 500,000 email verifications$449$800$1000$1000$3000
Price per 1M email verifications$559$1200$1500$1500$5000
Spam Trap DetectionYesNoNoNoNo
Free deduplicationYesYesNoNoNo
Data securityYesYesYesYesYes
Email Abuse DetectionYesNoNoYesNo
Toxic Domain DetectionYesNoNoNoNo
Disposable Email DetectionYesNoNoNoNo
Catch-All Domain DetectionYesYesYesYesYes
24/7 SupportYesNoNoNoYes
Accuracy Rate98%96%96%97%98%
Website Visite Website Visite Website Visite Website Visite Website Visite Website

What Everybody Ought to Know About Email Verification Software

You’ll find at least 20+ bulk email verification services online. Some companies have a nice and shiny website, but behind the glitz and glamour, they don’t have dependable service. All that glitters isn’t gold.

So, who can you definitely trust? Emaillistverify, Kickbox, BriteVerify, Xverify, and Zerobounce are tested, reliable and trusted email verifiers. I strongly recommend you use one of these services and avoid any others. I have personally tested almost every single email verification service. Let me warn you, if you choose a different software company, it’s likely you’ll be misled and ripped off. Many sites transfer your data to unsecured servers in Russia. Many sites don’t have an actual company behind the website. Using dodgy websites may result in you losing your data, wasting your money, and failing to comply with the GDPR. According to Constant Contact, email marketing has higher conversion rates than search and social combined. Your email list is your most valuable asset. Make sure you protect it with high-quality email verification software.